Our Mission

ECODIT is dedicated to protecting the environment and enhancing the quality of life for people around the world through the dissemination of appropriate best practices for the stewardship of water, energy and environmental resources.

ECODIT embraces a corporate philosophy of hiring the best people, rewarding creativity and entrepreneurship, creating a productive and enjoyable work environment, maintaining the highest standards of integrity and quality, and always focusing on our core mission.

We believe that technologies and policies can produce durable positive impacts only if the institutions responsible for them share common vision and values, empower their people to think and act creatively, and reward them appropriately. To achieve enduring results, we bring together people with local know-how, innovative ideas, and proven talents, and we work side-by-side with them to design, develop and implement programs that are adapted to their situation and needs. Our clients have cited our community-centered approach as a key ingredient to our success in creating lasting impact.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As we continue to grow, we are aware of the need to give back to the communities that we serve or where we live. ECODIT’s employees serve as members of the boards of non-profit organizations and provide volunteer community services. We also practice what we preach, incorporating environmental and social considerations in our day-to-day business decisions, with the goal of minimizing the firm’s environmental footprint. For example, ECODIT retrofitted the Jordan Public Action project office with water- and energy-saving devices and purchased hybrid project vehicles.

Because we care, ECODIT will go the extra mile! We are strongly committed to leaving a lasting legacy beyond the life of project funding provided by our clients and donors. A compelling example of ECODIT’s Corporate Social Responsibility ethics is our continuing work with the Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMTA), which works to protect, maintain and promote the Lebanon Mountain Trail (LMT). ECODIT is proud of having conceived, designed, and implemented the LMT, , Lebanon’s first long-distance hiking trail, with funding provided by the American people through a Cooperative Agreement with USAID Lebanon (Dec. 2005 – March 2008). Since USAID funding of the LMT project ended, ECODIT has provided hundreds of hours of pro-bono expert advice and technical support to the LMTA, including coaching and mentoring of LMTA staff; assisting with networking efforts at national, regional and international levels; and technical assistance with proposal writing and events organization.

ECODIT has also provided guidance on fundraising strategies, full sponsorship for revamping the LMT website, and – together with the Lebanon Ministry of Tourism – sponsorship of a hardcover picture book detailing the first-ever journey on the LMT: A Million Steps - Discovering the Lebanon Mountain Trail.

ECODIT will continue to seize opportunities to provide support to the LMTA and to other projects in which we are involved around the world.

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