Capricia Chabarekh
Air Quality Specialist and Chemist
Charles Hatch
Joseph Karam
Engineer and Economic and Policy Specialist
Karim El-Jisr
Environmental Management Specialist
Marina Ter-Sargsyan
Financial Accounting, Project Administration
Nathalie McNulty
Financial Management Specialist
Osama Abu-Rayyan
Resource Management Economist
Rita Stephan
Roula Attar
Democracy and Governance Specialist
Key Staff

ECODIT’s staff have extensive experience in designing, implementing, managing and/or evaluating environmental, water, energy and tourism development projects around the globe. We have solid training and proven expertise in areas ranging from waste management, natural resource management, and air quality, to environmental economics, public policy, and finance, to engineering and construction management. All of our staff speak two or more languages fluently (e.g., English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Dari, Danish) and move comfortably between countries, languages, and cultures of the world. Together, they make up the core of the ECODIT family, which is dynamic, entrepreneurial, and committed to sustainable development locally and globally.

In addition to the long-term employees listed below, ECODIT has access to hundreds of international professionals with training and expertise in: economics and finance; chemical, civil, and environmental engineering; natural resource management; biodiversity conservation; rural tourism development; hydro-geological modeling; communication and outreach; regulatory and policy analysis, etc.

Building on this vast network of consultants, and on their own cultural sensitivity and language skills, our staff help clients around the globe design and implement innovative and cost-effective solutions that are adapted to their specific needs and to local conditions. We encourage the exchange of know-how and lessons learned among our offices and staff by taking advantage of modern information technology and knowledge management tools.

Capricia Chabarekh Air Quality Specialist and Chemist
Associate, ECODIT Liban
ECODIT Capricia Chabarekh is a chemist and air quality specialist with two years of professional experience. She has worked on several assignments in France and Lebanon, including air monitoring and analysis, and water and wastewater sampling, in addition to providing recommendations for best treatment processes. Ms. Chabarekh implemented extensive air quality sampling and testing protocols, as well as data analysis and reporting, on the subway environment and atmosphere in Paris (2007-2008). Ms. Chabarekh is very familiar with Green Building standards (she is currently completing her training to become a LEED accredited professional); she participated in evaluating the construction of a number of sustainable buildings in Abu Dhabi. She is fluent in French, English and Arabic.

Ms. Chabarekh holds a License in Chemistry from Saint Joseph University in Lebanon and a Master of Science in Environmental Engineering, specializing in Atmosphere and Air Quality, from Paris 7 Universities in France. She joined ECODIT Liban SARL in July 2010 and is currently the Air Quality Expert for the 2010 Lebanon State of the Environment Report project.
Charles Hatch
ECODIT Charles Hatch is an experienced educator, university administrator, research manager and international development professional with more than 30 years of experience. He is well-versed in identifying public policies and market-driven approaches that ensure and sustain the management and conservation of natural resources. He has proven experience building the capacity of governments, local communities and NGOs to manage natural resource systems and to train employees and stakeholders in the use and management of these systems. For example, he designed and initiated the extensive training programs that resulted in the establishment of more than a dozen Agroforestry Bachelor of Science programs in Indian agriculture universities that continue to exist today.

Dr. Hatch has recently joined ECODI to service as REPLACE IDIQ Manager. He previously worked with ECODIT in Afghanistan as Chief of Party for the USAID-funded Biodiversity Support Program for the National Environmental Protection Agency, and in this capacity he has led the effort to enhance the agency’s ability to implement the nation’s Environmental Law. He holds a PhD in Forest Measurements from the University of Minnesota and a Master of Forestry from Oregon State University. He is a native English speaker and has conversational language abilities in Urdu, Hindi, and Dari.
Joseph Karam Engineer and Economic and Policy Specialist
President and Cofounder
ECODIT Joseph Karam, President and Cofounder of ECODIT LLC, is a civil/ environmental engineer and an economic and policy analyst with over 25 years of experience in providing consulting and technical assistance services to governments, communities and businesses in environmental protection, water management, and energy conservation. He has worked on projects funded by international development agencies (e.g., the World Bank, USAID, USTDA, European Commission, UNDP, UNESCO, and UNIDO), national governments (e.g., Governments of Jordan, Lebanon and Morocco, USEPA), and private industry in nearly 30 countries around the world, with a special focus on the Middle East and North Africa.

Mr. Karam directs all financial management, business development and project implementation aspects of ECODIT LLC’s growing practices in the environment, biodiversity and forests, water, waste, energy, rural tourism development, and climate change sectors. He has led the efforts to establish the Lebanon Mountain Trail project, a 440-km (275-mile) north-to-south long-distance hiking trail, and has committed the company to the long-term sustainability of the trail as part of its social entrepreneurship. Mr. Karam holds a Master of Science in Technology and Policy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and two engineering degrees from France: one from the Ecole Polytechnique and one from the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées. He is fluent in Arabic, English, and French.
Karim El-Jisr Environmental Management Specialist
ECODIT Karim El-Jisr joined ECODIT Liban SARL in 2000, and has been its Director, managing ECODIT’s work in the Middle East and North Africa, since 2005. Mr. El-Jisr is an environmental management specialist with 12 years of experience in solid waste, water and wastewater management, protected areas, and responsible tourism, having worked in more than a dozen countries. He was the Deputy Chief of Party (Deputy Project Manager) on the 27-month Lebanon Mountain Trail project and Acting Team Leader for the Afghanistan Biodiversity Support Program, both funded by USAID.

Mr. El-Jisr assumed team leader positions on several projects with the Lebanese Ministry of Environment (State of the Environment Report, National Action Plan for Protected Areas, and National Implementation Plan for the Phase-Out of POPs) and was a lead consultant on the World Bank report “Cost of Environmental Degradation due to the Hostilities in Lebanon”. He has directed more than a dozen environmental assessments of road construction, solid waste management, wastewater treatment and water reuse, fish farming and tourism projects. Mr. El-Jisr holds a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Engineering in Agriculture, and a Master of Science in Environment, all from the American University of Beirut. He is fluent in English, French, Arabic, and Danish.
Marina Ter-Sargsyan Financial Accounting, Project Administration
Project Accountant
ECODIT Marina joined ECODIT in 2015 as a Project Accountant. She is responsible for financial aspects of ECODIT’s operations, including bookkeeping, cost tracking, invoicing to clients, and project finance management. She brings more than 15 years of professional experience in finance and administration, contracting and procurement, including acting as a senior manager in the areas of finance, procurement and contract administration with international NGOs and multilateral organizations. She holds a Master’s Degree from St. Petersburg Institute of International Trade, Economics and Law is currently pursuing an online MBA degree with London School of Business and Finance.
Nathalie McNulty Financial Management Specialist
Office Manager and Senior Staff Accountant, ECODIT LLC
ECODIT Nathalie McNulty has over 20 years of experience in a multitude of financial management support roles. As ECODIT’s Office Manager and Senior Staff Accountant since April 2008, she manages ECODIT’s accounts payable and receivable, prepares timely invoices for submission, and maintains all project accounts. She provides project management support to field offices around the world by backstopping project staff, supporting contract compliance, and maintaining ECODIT’s financial control systems. Ms. McNulty has played a lead role in streamlining ECODIT’s accounting and financial systems with the goal of improving efficiency between ECODIT field offices and the Home Office. For King and King, Chartered, she previously managed all accounts for a well-established legal firm for the past 10 years. Ms. McNulty supported a staff of 150 on the British-French Channel Tunnel project to guarantee compliance with company policy and applicable labor laws. She is fluent in English and French.
Osama Abu-Rayyan Resource Management Economist
Chief of Party - Jordan Small Communities Project
ECODIT Osama Abu-Rayyan is a project management specialist with training in soil-water sciences and environmental economics. He joined ECODIT LLC in August 2004 as the in-country Technical Coordinator/ Environmental Economist for the $7 million USAID-funded Wastewater Treatment and Reuse for Small Communities project in Jordan, and became the project’s Chief of Party in April 2010. In this capacity, he is managing all technical and institutional strengthening aspects of building, operating and maintaining, and managing two wastewater treatment and reuse facilities in rural community clusters around the towns of Shobak and North Shouneh.

Mr. Abu-Rayyan has over 13 years of experience in resource management, water utilities, environmental policy and economics, and environmental and social assessments, including four years with Environmental Resources Management (UK). He has managed cost recovery projects in Scotland’s water sector, assessed socio-environmental costs and benefits in the Nile Delta, and provided financial inputs to over 20 water and sanitation investment proposals for the Danube and Black Sea Region. He helped coordinate a $5 million participatory rural water and sanitation investment project in the West Bank and led the valuation of natural resource damage claims for Jordan resulting from the first Gulf War. He holds a Master of Science in Environmental Economics from Imperial College in the UK and his Bachelor of Science in Resource Conservation from McGill University in Canada. He is fluent in Arabic and English.
Rita Stephan
ECODIT Rita Stephan joined ECODIT in November 2010 as a land management and GIS specialist. Mrs. Stephan holds a Masters in Environment & Land Management from Université Saint Joseph. She has six years of experience in the environmental consulting sector. She worked with multidisciplinary engineering firms on small and large scale projects. Mrs. Stephan is an expert using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) as a tool for various environmental assessments as well as spatial studies. She was involved in the Integrated Solid Waste Management Project on the Supervision of Greater Beirut Sanitary Landfills and has worked on several projects in Lebanon, UAE and Qatar including Solid Waste Management & Design, Environmental Impact Assessment and Sustainability Assessments. Mrs. Stephan has broad knowledge of Green Building Design specifically related to LEED & ESTIDAMA rating systems, requirements, and certification processes. For the 2010 Lebanon State of the Environment Report project, she was the lead author on the Land Resources chapter and a contributing author for the solid waste chapter. She has been involved with the Association Libanaise d’Etudes Speleologiques (ALES)since 2005 in the exploration and discovery of Lebanese caves; she acquired speleological skills that include cave survey & documentation, topography report, caving photography & descriptive report writing. She is fluent in English, French, Arabic.
Roula Attar Democracy and Governance Specialist
Project Manager
ECODIT Ms. Roula Attar is a Project Manager at ECODIT, where she leads efforts to expand and strengthen the firm’s democracy and governance (D&G) practice. She is a senior D&G expert with extensive experience in elections and political processes in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), including Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, and Yemen. She brings more than 10 years of experience in program design, implementation, management, and evaluation in Washington, DC and in the field. A seasoned professional with extensive experience in civic participation (including women and marginalized groups), Ms. Attar has deep experience and understanding of the important role of policy, media, and engagement of grassroots stakeholders in the transition to democracy. She also brings a wealth of recruitment, training, and management experience to her role. Her hands-on, field-based experience, combined with her extensive knowledge of policy nuances and strong representational abilities, has made her a trusted partner to local stakeholders and donor organizations alike. Ms. Attar has worked on projects funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), the European Commission (EC), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Danish Government, and the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA), among others.

Prior to joining ECODIT, Ms. Attar served as Lebanon Country Director for Search for Common Ground (SFCG), where she designed and implemented programs with Lebanese youth, the media and the public sector, to help transform the next generation’s approach to conflict. Previously, she founded and managed the Jordan field office and programs for the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs (NDI), leading multi-million dollar democracy assistance programs in legislative strengthening, political party development, electoral support, civil society strengthening, and women’s and youth’s political participation programs. She also served as Special Projects Coordinator at the Arab American Institute (AAI), implementing community organizing activities and programs to contribute to the political empowerment of Arab Americans in the U.S Ms. Attar holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Wichita State University. She is fluent in Arabic, English, and French.
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