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Project Name:Institutional Study of SWM in Kabul City
Description:For UN-Habitat, ECODIT conducted a study of SWM in Kabul City. Working in close consultation with Kabul Municipality, ECODIT held several meetings with key municipal staff and stakeholders to assess the current capacities of the Department of Sanitation and to identify and prioritize their needs to enhance SWM service delivery. For example, ECODIT recommended the immediate phase-out of the old collection fleet, upgrading the existing technical workshop, and providing washrooms for sanitation workers and drivers. ECODIT also identified training needs to improve the management capabilities of senior municipal staff.

ECODIT conducted several site visits to the current dumping site east of Kabul City (Gazak) and various inactive dumpsites north of the city (Chamtala and Kampani). We formulated short (6 months), medium (up to 3 years) and long-term recommendations for improving SWM in Kabul. Recommendations included; upgrading the current dumpsite (e.g., delineation of site perimeter and fencing, excavation, daily cover, gatehouse facility and weighbridge), developing a plan for the management of construction debris, improving collection services, supporting/formalizing the work of scavengers, and raising public awareness. ECODIT assessed municipal revenues including tax assessment and collection, and identified opportunities for institutional/financial reforms to improve cost recovery. ECODIT facilitated two workshops with key municipal staff, sanitation workers, NGOs and UN-Habitat project staff to define the solid waste management problems and fund possible solutions for them in Kabul City.
Client:United Nations Habitat (UN-HABITAT)
Period:Oct - Nov 2003
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