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Project Name:Aqaba Water Reuse Pilot Project
Description:Under the Water IQC for USAID/Jordan, ECODIT provided technical assistance in implementing the Aqaba water reuse pilot project, one of three pilot projects designed to demonstrate the benefits of managing the reuse of treated wastewater in Jordan. The project goal is to increase the percentage of treated wastewater used in agriculture and urban landscaping in Aqaba, with due consideration to environmental impacts and other competing water uses (e.g., industry).

ECODIT provided technical and institutional support to stakeholders interested in reusing the treated water (e.g., Water Authority of Jordan, Aqaba International Industrial Estate). We also estimated the quantities of treated wastewater and compared those quantities to existing and potential commitments to various agricultural, urban, and industrial users of treated wastewater.

ECODIT prepared key planning studies and assessments, including Biodiversity and Hydrogeologic Assessment of proposed water reuse activities; and prepared technical specifications for a baseline water/wastewater, soil and tissue sampling and analysis campaign, and finalized the selection of the most suitable crops and plants. ECODIT also designed the water conveyance and irrigation system and prepared a detailed Irrigation and Crop Management Plan (ICMP) for a 100-dunum demonstration site demonstrating the reuse of treated wastewater to irrigate dozens of selected ornamental plants, fruit trees, and golf course grasses. The ICMP was optimized from hydraulic, economic and agronomic points of view.

Finally, ECODIT organized and delivered a Water Reuse Study Tour in Tunisia and Morocco for high-level officials and senior professionals from the Royal Hashemite Court, the Water Authority of Jordan, Jordanian regional development authorities, academic institutions and USAID/Jordan staff. The primary objective of the tour was to demonstrate to Jordanian decision-makers that wastewater can be treated adequately, cost-effectively and for safe reuse in Arab countries similar to Jordan. Study tour participants saw facilities used to treat and distribute treated wastewater to agricultural reuse sites and the types of crops irrigated; they discussed implementation and management issues, including health and safety, crop marketability, and ground water protection.
Client:US Agency for International Development (USAID)
Period:May 2003 - Jan 2004
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