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Project Name:EIA of Blue Fin Tuna in North Lebanon
Description:ECODIT conducted an environmental impact assessment (EIA) of a bluefin tuna farming project off the coast of Lebanon. The project aims to build a 1,000-tonne tuna farm approximately 1,500 meters offshore using 10 floating cages anchored to the sea floor. ECODIT conducted a public consultation at the onset of the investigation to gauge public opinion and solicit feedback on the proposed project from fishermen, municipalities, NGOs and the ministries of environment, agriculture and transport. As part of the environmental monitoring plan, ECODIT hired and supervised professional divers to collect water and sediment samples at 50-meter depths near the candidate site for testing at a reputable environmental laboratory. ECODIT identified a candidate site (as well as two alternative sites) using bathymetric maps and hired a marine surveyor to validate the coordinates for the proposed 225,000 m2 farm area.

In October 2003, the Lebanese Ministry of Environment approved the EIA on condition that the project proponent implements ECODIT’s recommended environmental management plan.
Client:LebTUNA International
Period:Feb 2003 - Aug 2003
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