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Project Name:Economic Assessment of Environmental Degradation due to July 2006 Hostilities in Lebanon
Description:For the WB Economic Unit, ECODIT helped estimate the costs of environmental degradation. In particular, we provided lead research and technical support to estimating costs in terms of (1) water contamination (incidence of water-borne diseases in south Lebanon, increase consumption of bottled water, etc.), (2) forest fires (reduced access to forest resources, loss of environmental services, etc.), (3) the oil spill (impact on marine ecology, bird and turtle mortality, loss of tourism services, etc.), and (4) increased quarrying activity to meet demand for construction aggregates after the war. ECODIT facilitated all site visits, assembled primary data, interviewed affected stakeholders in the fishery and tourism sectors, wrote sections of the report, and helped distribute the final report to all environmental NGOs in Lebanon.
Client:World Bank
Period:Aug 2007
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