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Project Name:Environmental Assessment of a Hill-Lake in Barouk
Description:ECODIT conducted an environmental assessment of a hill-lake in the Barouk forest of the Shouf Biosphere Reserve, in Lebanon. The 90,000 m3 hill-lake is intended to collect and store water from precipitation and snowmelt in order to provide a readily available source of freshwater to (1) reduce the response time during a fire event, and (2) support on-going reforestation efforts inside the reserve. ECODIT organized a public hearing to gauge local concerns in relation to the hill-lake project and its overall impacts on the reserve. ECODIT also made a complete assessment of environmental impacts related to the construction and implementation of this project, analyzed project alternatives considering site options as well as design variations, and proposed an environmental Management Plan to mitigate and avoid potential negative impacts of the project. This project was financed by the Italian Cooperation (ROSS program), the Association for Forest Development and Conservation (AFDC), and several private donors.
Client:Al-Shouf Cedar Society (ACS)
Period:Sep 2008 - Nov 2008
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