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Project Name:Design & Supervision of the Construction of a Solid Waste Treatment plant in the Caza of Marjeyoun
Description:With grant funding from the EU, ECODIT is implementing the project “Design and Supervision for the Construction of a Solid Waste Treatment Plant in the Caza of Marjeyoun.” The plant will serve seven towns in the Caza of Marjeyoun with an estimated peak population of 30,000. The project was conceived as part of a 2007 Financing Agreement (€18 million) between the European Commission (EC) and the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR), intended to support economic recovery by rehabilitating and improving public infrastructure services in Lebanon. The allocated budget for implementing the plant is €0.9 million.

ECODIT prepared a Feasibility Study (FS) and Preliminary Design of the proposed facility, in addition to an Environmental Impact Assessment study. The firm also prepared a Detailed Design and Tender Documents for implementation of construction works. As part of the FS report, ECODIT delineated the proposed service area, designed and conducted a municipal survey (on current waste handling practices, demography and municipal finances), prepared waste generation forecasts, examined alternative waste disposal sites, and analyzed the feasibility of the proposed system in relation to the national Solid Waste Management Strategy prepared by the Ministry of Environment and CDR. During the EIA, ECODIT conducted a thorough review of the policy, legal and institutional framework governing SWM in Lebanon, assessed potential environmental impacts related to project construction and operation, and identified tangible mitigation and monitoring measures to be implemented by concerned parties.

ECODIT will provide construction supervision services upon award of a construction contract.
Client:International Management Group (for the European Union)
Period:Jan 2010 - Present
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