Success Stories

Working With Youth to Reduce Demand for Bushmeat

USAID BiodiversityLinks Cast Study Spotlighting ECODIT's Work in Cambodia

Empowering Cambodia's Youth as Change Agents

ECODIT partners with Cambodian youth to promote biodiversity conservation and forest protection

Promoting Innovative Local Solutions for Solid Waste Management

ECODIT works with local partners in Lebanon to promote innovative sustainable solid waste management 

Reducing Emissions and Increasing Resilience in Vietnam

ECODIT works with communities to combat climate change while raising incomes

Raising the Alarm on Hazardous Waste in the Aftermath of the Beirut Port Explosion

ECODIT and USAID identify critical risk stemming from the Beirut Port explosion, saving lives

Ensuring Safe Collection and Storage of Solid Waste in the Aftermath of the Beirut Port Explosion

ECODIT and USAID team up to support relief efforts in Lebanon

USAID-Supported Private Sector Eco-Tourism Partnerships Transform Vietnamese Community 

ECODIT and USAID partner with the private sector in Vietnam to boost incomes in rural communities and promote eco-tourism

Empowering Female Farmers and Beekeepers in Rural Vietnam

ECODIT and USAID empower women and vulnerable ethnic minorities  towards a better and sustainable life

Community Leader in Vietnam Tells How USAID Empowered His Community to Protect Forests

Vietnamese Community Forest Management Chief Reveals how ECODIT and USAID helped revitalize his forest and community

Bringing Water Ideas Into People's Homes

Learn about Global Waters Radio, a popular USAID podcast about water issues produced by ECODIT. The podcast, which features interviews with top academics, business leaders development practitioners, and beneficiaries, has become a powerful tool for USAID to build the capacity of its staff and partners.

In Vietnam, Rice Field Yields Bountiful Harvest

Learn how ECODIT is transforming the lives of rice farmers in Vietnam.

Children Come Together to Protect the Environment

ECODIT promotes environmental awareness and behavior change through an interactive Earth Day event.

What if you Could Find a Way to Extend the Day?

ECODIT supports cutting-edge electricity startup in Central America.

37 MW Solar PV to Power Jamaica

ECODIT supports the construction of Jamaica's largest solar farm.

ECODIT Helps University to Electrify Nicaragua

Supporting cutting-edge clean energy research

Receiving First-Time Access to Reliable Water & Energy

Orphans gain access to safe and clean water

Leveraging Technology to Protect Biodiversity

ECODIT supports the protection of Vietnam's forests