Privacy Policy

This website is operated and maintained by ECODIT LLC.

The purpose of this privacy policy is to inform users of the types of information ECODIT LLC may gather and how it intends to use it. This policy follows commonly used principles and practices and applies to the site.

Personal Information

ECODIT LLC collects abstracted data about visitors to The primary goal in collecting personal information is to provide the user with the most useful content. The type of information collected can include information about other sites that the user visited, as well as information about the duration of the visit.

The site contains links to other sites. When the user visits other sites referenced on the site, s/he will be subject to the privacy policies of those sites.

If a user applies for a job with ECODIT, s/he will be directed to Taleo , a talent management database. S/he may be asked to provide details about herself or himself, which typically includes contact information and resume (CV) details. This information is only used for employment consideration.

Additionally, the primary headquarters of ECODIT are located in the United States of America, as is the equipment that makes this website available. All matters relating to the site are governed by U.S. law. Please note that laws and regulations in other countries impose different and sometimes conflicting requirements on the Internet and data protection. If a user visits this site from outside the United States of America, the information s/he submits will be transferred to ECODIT LLC’s computers in the United States of America. By submitting information, the user authorizes this transfer. Although ECODIT LLC is diligent about protecting user information once received, the firm does not use data encryption during the transmission of the data entered. None of the personal information collected is shared with any third parties; it is used solely for internal purposes to improve the user experience on