Wastewater Treatment and Reuse for Small Communities Project
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Working in collaboration with the Water Authority of Jordan (WAJ), ECODIT led the implementation of the Small Communities Project (SCP), which (1) planned and designed two wastewater treatment and reuse facilities, one in Shobak and one in North Shouneh, using proven low-maintenance technologies to treat septage brought in by tankers,(2) supervised the construction of these two facilities,(3) developed local capacity to operate and maintain the facilities in a sustainable manner,and (4) provided technical assistance for turning over the facilities’ operation and maintenance (O&M) to the municipalities of Shobak and North Shouneh - thereby advancing the Government of Jordan’s (GOJ) decentralization objectives. The two facilities, serving several neighboring rural communities through a “community cluster approach,” will serve as pilots for future adaptation and replication to other small communities. The project helped demonstrate appropriate wastewater treatment and reuse technologies, promote local participation in the planning, development and O&M of sustainable local solutions, and strengthened institutions and policies pertaining to rural and decentralized wastewater treatment and reuse.As a direct result of ECODIT’s technical assistance under the project to the GOJ at the policy-level related to treatment, reuse and transfer of operations to local communities, the Jordanian Standards for Domestic Wastewater Treatment and Reuse were officially revised in 2006.  Most notably, the GOJ revised the effluent standards for Nitrate and Total Nitrogen, and distinct standards for small septage treatment facilities were established. The O&M agreements, the first two of their kind in Jordan, also provided a template for, and represented a significant positive step towards, the decentralization of wastewater services.