USAID Releases Water Report
ECODIT is proud to announce the release of Safeguarding the World's Water for Fiscal Year 2015, USAID’s annual report about its water-related activities and accomplishments. ECODIT produced the report for the Agency through the USAID Water Communications and Knowledge Management Project.

Safeguarding the World's Water for FY 2015 describes a wide range of programs consistent with USAID's Water and Development Strategy’s focus on maintaining human health and growing food through water. It is organized by region and shares Fiscal Year 2015 achievements and investments as well as illustrative examples of country-specific programs related to these key issues and other Agency priorities.

The Agency invested more than $499,995,179 towards water-related programming in 54 countries in FY 2015. These programming investments were driven by two strategic objectives defined by USAID’s Water and Development Strategy (2013-2018). Those objectives are first, to improve health outcomes through the provision of sustainable drinking water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH); and second, to manage water for agriculture sustainably and more productively to enhance food security.