ECODIT Hosts Gala Celebrating 25 Years of Partnerships for Sustainable Development
On November 9, ECODIT celebrated 25 years of working with governments, businesses, and local communities to advance environmentally- and socially-responsible development around the world with a gala held at American University’s Constitution Hall. ECODIT staff and development partners attended the event, at which they recounted key milestones from ECODIT’s history and celebrated its success at transforming the lives of vulnerable people globally.

At the event, ECODIT Co-Founder and President Joseph Karam and USAID Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization Deputy Director Kimberly Ball delivered remarks underscoring ECODIT’s commitment to sustainable partnerships for development. “You know that [ECODIT is] a wonderful company when you see so many of their peers and sometimes competitors sitting in the audience to come and celebrate their success,” said Ms. Ball at the event. “You’ve done an extraordinary job and we hope to see you continue that.”

To date, ECODIT has conducted more than 250 short-term assignments and implemented a dozen complex long-term multi-million dollar development projects for donors, governments and other development partners, in the water, energy, environment, and governance sectors in more than 50 countries.  These efforts have improved the lives of millions of individuals around the world. 

“We are proud of our legacy of empowering communities, enabling economic growth, and promoting the stewardship of natural resources,” said Mr. Karam. “As ECODIT celebrates 25 years in business, I am confident that our growing team will sustain and amplify ECODIT’s successes and accomplishments over the next 25 years!”

ECODIT is an American international development firm that works around the world to create lasting positive impacts on communities and their environments. Throughout its history, ECODIT has prided itself on its commitment to quality, learning, innovation, and partnership. The firm boasts a seasoned and mostly home-grown leadership and management team, and a talented pool of more than 100 professionals working from its Home Office in Arlington, Virginia and its three project offices in Africa and Central and Southeast Asia.  

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