ECODIT to Implement New USAID Liberia Land Management Activity

USAID has awarded ECODIT the Liberia Land Management Activity, a four-year, $9.4 million project that will advance effective and inclusive management of communal land through land tenure processes and promote the formalization of land rights in Liberia, with special consideration for customary land rights and the rights of women, youth, and marginalized groups. The Activity was procured under the Strengthening Tenure and Resource Rights II (STARR II) Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ), a funding mechanism that allows for the provision of technical assistance to improve land and resource governance and strengthen property rights.

The Liberia Land Management Activity has the following four primary objectives: (1) to help communities obtain deeds to their customary land; (2) to help communities plan and manage customary land for productive use; (3) to help women, youth and other marginalized populations participate in and benefit from customary land management; and (4) to ensure land disputes and grievances are resolved appropriately through alternative dispute resolution.  Activities will include building the capacity of the Liberia Land Authority, civil society, and the private sector to support communities to secure land rights; facilitating the establishment and implementation of land use plans; developing the leadership capabilities of women, youth, persons with disabilities, and other marginalized groups; engaging traditional leaders and men for improved and peaceful power-sharing; and promoting alternative dispute resolution for land disputes.

“ECODIT is excited to partner with USAID to further advance the Mission’s work to formalize land rights in Liberia and improve the lives of Liberian citizens, particularly those that are most marginalized,” said ECODIT President Joseph Karam.

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