ECODIT was awarded a prime contract for the Water and Development II IDIQ (WADI II), issued by USAID’s Center for Water Security, Sanitation and Hygiene (the Water Center) of the Bureau for Resilience and Food Security. The IDIQ will provide critical technical services in support of the U.S. government’s Global Water Strategy (GWS) and the USAID Water and Development Plan. The IDIQ has a ceiling of $400 million and a five-year ordering period, with a seven-year period of performance. Under the Small Business Set-Aside clause of the contract, all Task Orders (TOs) valued at $5 million or less must be set aside for small businesses, but small businesses are eligible to bid on unrestricted Requests for Task Order Proposals (RFTOPs) and Task Order Contracting Officers may set aside any task order of any scope or size to the small business holders of the IDIQ. More information on the IDIQ is available here.


ECODIT, a U.S.-based women-owned small business (WOSB), is an established USAID partner in the water sector and previously held a prime contract for the WADI IDIQ (WADI II’s predecessor). For example, in the Middle East, ECODIT implemented legacy USAID water projects like the Jordan Public Action Project (PAP), Jordan Small Communities Project (SCP), and Morocco Water Resources Sustainability (WRS) Project, and conducted a program evaluation of 17 regional USAID water, environment, and agriculture activities funded by USAID’s Middle East Bureau. More recently, from 2016-2021, for the USAID Water Communications and Knowledge Management (CKM) Project, ECODIT supported the Agency’s Water Center to raise awareness of its water programming and priorities and promote learning, harnessing creative communications tools to reach audiences around the world.


ECODIT’s team for the WADI II IDIQ includes DAI as a major subcontractor as well as 11 other subcontractors with demonstrated institutional capabilities implementing programs across the IDIQ’s statement of work and target geographic regions. Our team is currently working or has recently worked (over the past five years) in all 18 high-priority countries and the two strategic-priority countries identified by USAID for assistance in safe water, sanitation, and hygiene, in addition to all eight GWS-aligned countries. ECODIT alone has worked in 19 of these 28 countries.


“Water is vital to the health, well-being and livelihoods of all people, and water considerations impact nearly every sector of USAID programming. ECODIT is thrilled to continue to partner with USAID’s Water Center to safeguard this precious resource by drawing on its capable team and leveraging co-created and integrated approaches, diverse and effective partnerships, and continuous and iterative innovation,” said Joseph Karam, ECODIT’s Executive Vice President and WADI II IDIQ Manager.


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