ECODIT is a women-owned small business dedicated to working with governments, businesses, and local communities to advance environmentally- and socially-responsible development around the world. We provide technical assistance services ranging from quick-turnaround assessments and evaluations to design and implementation of complex long-term multi-million dollar projects. Since its founding in 1993, ECODIT has managed more than 250 projects/contracts for diverse clients in more than 50 countries. Building on our track record of success, we have continuously expanded the depth and breadth of our expertise in the energy, water, natural resources management, rural tourism, and urban and local governance sectors. ECODIT is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, recognized for striving to ensure that services meet clients’ requirements and that quality is continually improved.

To serve its clients most effectively, ECODIT maintains a permanent office in Arlington, Virginia (USA), as well as project-dedicated offices in Lebanon, Cambodia, and Zimbabwe. ECODIT also has two affiliated companies, ECODIT Liban in Lebanon and ECODIT Environmental Consulting in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).

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